The Democratic Republic of the Congo                         



There are 62 million people in Congo 1 million of those people have HIV or AIDS
This is one of the highest in the World 4% of the population has HIV or AIDS Most of them Women


These kids to the right have Endemic Goiter that's why their stomach are sticking out. This happens because the kids are not getting all of their natural vitamins   or minerals that you need to live. their stomach have swollin up because they are lacking iodine and iron. More than 10% of preschool kids have this condition. 

Living in the Congo is very extreme. You have yur Rich Rich people and all of your Poor poor people. 
The Poorest people in the Congo dont have food and some of them die from hunger everyday and kids are left parent less.
Also most of them have no were to live  so they make huts out of mud and and leaves and local items. Most of the small villages have no water or sewage line to get them water that is clean. They walk to the well or river and get water which is usually a long walk. 
the average person make 2 cents a day